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Tonight, the guys discuss Aaron upcoming book!  Aaron took everything he’s learned in the past (almost) 3 years and put it in a book. Hear the high points of what’s covered! Click HERE to start listening!

This week, the guys are joined by Roger Wright for a recap of Aaron’s (and Roger’s) marathon experience at the Georgia Publix Marathon. Click HERE to start listening!

Roger’s Inspirational Journey

Georgia Publix Marathon Route

This week, the guys discuss 20 “super foods”, Alton Brown, and super-concentrated ultra coffee.  They really do! Click HERE to start listening!

Funranium Labs

Pink is the new red. Hemsworth is the new Baldwin, and SITTING is the new SMOKING? What’s that about? Click HERE to start listening and find out!

Harvard Business Review: Sitting is the Smoking of Our Generation

Best deal on glasses ever:  Zenni Optical

Quit working out? That’s crazy talk! I don’t really mean “quit” working out. But maybe there’s reason to take a break. Click HERE to start listening!

World’s Fattest Man Loses 630 lbs!

10 Stubborn Exercise Myths that Won’t Die Debunked by Science

This week, Mark, Don (Don’s back!) and Aaron visit with Rick Wyckoff. Hear how Rick has entirely changed his life in less than 1 year. He’s down over 180 lbs! Click HERE to start listening!

Rick’s Facebook: Constructing a New Rick

This week, Mark and Aaron visit with fitness, nutrition, lifestyle coach Kate Deering. We discuss eggs, exercise, and the psychology of getting fit! Click HERE to start listening!

Kate’s website: KateDeering.com

This week, Mark and Aaron visit with Julie Mead. Julie has lost over 300 lbs. Yes, you read that correctly: 300 lbs! Hear her inspiring story. Click HERE to start listening!

Julie’s Blog: Julie Is Going, Going, Gone!

The Biggest Loser! Hit show in a couple of dozen countries, right? Tonight, the guys discuss an interesting article from Kate Deering of katedeering.com. Kate has some strong opinions about the show, and whether or not it’s actually a positive thing. Click HERE to start listening.

Oh yeah…here’s a couple of other articles we talked about.

Weather.com: Work Out to Fight Colds — but Not Too Hard

Runners Word:  Incredible Weight Loss Myths Exposed

Well, 2012 is one for the books. Here the final take on what’s going on at “1 Meal – 1 Workout”. Click HERE to start listening!

In this week’s discussion: