Today, in spite of still being woefully out of shape, I felt like my old self again.

I take that back.

I actually felt like my NEW self again. My old self was slow and lazy. My new self, post 2010, likes to get out and explore on foot.

The other day, while checking out a house for sale for a friend, as I drove through the neighborhood in question, I noticed a stone path. It led up between two houses, heading back towards the back of the neighborhood. It got my curiosity stirred up.

So today, when I went out for my rualk, I headed towards that neighborhood. I ran over and followed the path up between the two houses and into the woods. It wound around behind the neighborhood and eventually started to dump me out onto some private property.

At this point, if I were to cut through the woods, I was only a few yards from the major thoroughfare of the area. So I cut through the woods, scampered down the embankment, and headed back to the house. That’s right. I said it. I scampered.

Did I discover the lost city of Atlantis in my exploration? Nope. Did my wanderings unearth El Dorado? Not at all. How about the Fountain of Youth? If only.

But it was fun! And it made the run into a bit of an adventure.