Today was ALMOST a big day. 

Just before lunch, I received an urgent email from our media department at my day job. I called them quickly, of course, because the email was marked urgent.

The gentleman from the media department said that apparently southern cooking diva Paula Deen just announced today that SHE’S diabetic, and has been for a couple of years. He remembered in my AJC article (the main newspaper in Atlanta) that I had been diabetic, but was no longer diabetic due to my weight loss. Well, Fox News Atlanta had contacted my employer, Piedmont about someone to interview. They wanted someone who had controlled their diabetes (or in my case, got rid of it) by weight loss, and he thought of me!

Unfortunately, I had a conflict I couldn’t get out of, and had to pass on the interview. Oh well, it was almost my TV debut today. Maybe next time.