Week 6 of my 16 week training cycle is in the record books. It ended with my first double-digit run of 11 miles. Unfortunately, it also ended with a twinge in my left knee.

At about mile 6 I felt a catch just below south of my kneecap.  “Runner’s knee” they call it. I pulled up short and hopped a couple of times. Ow! Not fun. I walked for a bit and tried it again. It felt okay. I was good!

knee strap

About another mile into it, BAM! It hit me again. After about another mile I was able to 

figure out that as long as I didn’t over-stride I was okay. After that I was able to plod along okay. I finished strong and felt good at the end.

Today, my wonderful wife picked up a knee strap for me. I had actually worn one of these when I first started running because this same knee had bothered me. As I lost weight and got stronger, my knee pain had completely disappeared.

I first noticed it again last week on my 9 mile run. I really think the pain is being caused by the increased total weekly mileage as well as the long runs.

But hey! If a little knee strap solves the problem (which I hope it will), then I’m good to go! I’ve taken it easy for a couple of days. I’ll be out there tomorrow night, and then it’s 12 miles on Saturday.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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