We stopped on the way home from the Tough Mudder today to grab some lunch (more on that later), and Joshua and I started talking about lunch choices at Arby’s and whether or not mine would meet the 1 Meal – 1 Workout standard. I told him that I had gotten the small sandwich and the small fries with a diet drink.

Pretty reasonable, right?

That started a discussion about what’s “reasonable”. I told Joshua that I figured if I was reasonably active and ate reasonable meals, then it would make sense that I would be in “reasonably good” shape.

It’s my guess that people that do one (eat reasonably or are reasonably active) but maybe fail on the other (eat poorly or are fairly sedentary), would be somewhat out of shape. People like me, that used to fail on BOTH almost all of the time, would be VERY out of shape. I think for most of us, we don’t have to strive to be paragons of fitness with a 50 point workout plan, scales to weigh our food and an organic garden behind our house. We just need to work at being reasonable.