Aaron, it’s been two weeks. So what’s the plan? Believe it or not, I do have one. It’s called “Absolute Total Transparency”, or AT&T.

Oh wait…that won’t work. How about…”Absolute Transparency Mode”, or ATM? Maybe not…

Maybe “Butler Extreme Transparency”, or BET? Okay…forget it.

I may not have a name for it, but I do have a plan, and it does involve transparency. Each week I’m going to post a blog. That blog will have 4 things in it (at least).

1) Total weight loss, starting from tomorrow as a new marker
2) Weight change from previous week
3) Exercise log from previous week
4) EVERYTHING I ate from the previous week

I don’t think I can get much more transparent than that. And again, if nothing else, it’s going to give me a high level of accountability.

This is going to be quite a bit of additional effort to post this info, so my goal is to do it for 90 days…basically through the end of February.

Let the information sharing begin!