I’m now 16 months into this journey, and for the past 5 months or so, I’ve pretty much reached a plateau. To be honest, I’m actually happy with that. My goal when I started was to eat and exercise reasonably, and to see where that took me. It took me down around 150 lbs. Not a bad result.

I’ve not been able to be as active as I would like because of injury. Also, I’ve allowed myself to be a little lax on my eating. When I was running 15 miles a week or so, I could afford to do that. Right now, not so much.

So today, when we went through the drive-through at Krispy Kreme, I opted to NOT get a donut. Or to finish the half donut that Nathanael’s friend didn’t eat. At church, we have all kinds of delectable pastries available in the foyer. Again, I opted out.

I’m not telly you all of this to say, “Ooo! Look at me, I’m Mr. Willpower!” My point is simply this, by avoiding those three things, I lowered my caloric intake by almost 500 calories (I won’t bore you with the math). I didn’t starve myself or do anything drastic. I didn’t really even diet in any way. I just eliminated the unintentional, casual grazing.

Often, it’s that simple. I recommend periodically re-evaluating your daily food intake. Do another food diary, or just think back over the last couple of days. Where are you “grazing”? What calories are you picking up here and there that are just flat out “extra”?

Eliminate those calories, and you’ve got an easy win!