Well folks, I guess this is as official as it gets:

Marathon Confirmation

In just over 10 days, I’ll be running my first marathon! It’s still a little surreal, but this email I received made it a bit more real.

Roger Wright will be running it with me.  Actually, he’ll be running it in front of me since he’s quite a bit faster than I am. I’m under no illusions that this will be “fun”. I think it might be life-changing. It will definitely be a milestone that I personally never thought I would never put in the done column.

If you’re of the praying sort, I would appreciate your prayers on that morning. (It’s Sunday, March 17th, just to be clear.)  The race starts at 7:00 AM. I’m a slow runner at the best of times, but after 20+ miles, I’ll most likely going REALLY slow. I hope to finish in under 6 hours, but it may take closer to 7. It all depends on how my knee holds out…which is specifically where I could use those prayers.

Anyway…the date is approaching. I’m sure we devote a podcast to it afterwards so you can hear all about the blisters, aches, pains, and triumphs!