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If you’re wanting to make some healthy changes, and you’d allow me to give you one piece of advice, be intentional AND pragmatic about being active.

By intentional, I mean that you should know ahead of time when you’re going to exercise. For me, just saying, “I’m going to run 3 times this week”, without knowing WHEN I’m going to run, won’t work.

Likewise, saying something like, “I’m going to start exercising. I’m going to walk 3 miles every day!” just isn’t realistic for me.

I like to use Google Calendars to schedule my workouts. If for some reason I can’t make a particular workout, I reschedule it. So if your plan is to work out twice this week, figure out when that’s going to be and write it down. Post it on Facebook. Send yourself an email.

I know that this is an oversimplification, but fundamentally, it’s worked for me!

Aaron, it’s been two weeks. So what’s the plan? Believe it or not, I do have one. It’s called “Absolute Total Transparency”, or AT&T.

Oh wait…that won’t work. How about…”Absolute Transparency Mode”, or ATM? Maybe not…

Maybe “Butler Extreme Transparency”, or BET? Okay…forget it.

I may not have a name for it, but I do have a plan, and it does involve transparency. Each week I’m going to post a blog. That blog will have 4 things in it (at least).

1) Total weight loss, starting from tomorrow as a new marker
2) Weight change from previous week
3) Exercise log from previous week
4) EVERYTHING I ate from the previous week

I don’t think I can get much more transparent than that. And again, if nothing else, it’s going to give me a high level of accountability.

This is going to be quite a bit of additional effort to post this info, so my goal is to do it for 90 days…basically through the end of February.

Let the information sharing begin!

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(Originally posted on my personal blog July 10th, 2010 – exactly two years ago today!)

In case you haven’t been keeping up, I’ve commandeered the empty sub-division next door as my personal walking track. The other night I took it our for a one lap test spin. Today I hit it a little harder.

I did three full laps (in addition to walking to and from), which equated to about 40 minutes of hard walking. If you were to look at the map, you would see that the track is a modified figure 8. The “straightaway” in the middle is about 100 yards long. Here comes the exciting part.

As I was starting the second half of my second lap, and I came up to the straightaway…I started running. Almost without making the decision. I don’t know whether I just wasn’t working hard enough walking or what, but I took off in a brisk trot. That’s right…a BRISK trot.

(Please realize, the only “running” I’ve done in the past eight years has been to McDonald’s. I wasn’t even really sure if I could run without hurting myself. We’ll find out in the morning about that.)

Now, the strangest part. I ran the straightaway, and when I slowed back to a walk, I felt great! I had a rush of adrenaline, my heart rate was up, and I felt great! I actually got chill bumps and I think I might have teared up a little. Why did I tear up? Do you know how long it has been since I have equated working out with feeling GOOD?

So, my challenge to you today is get out, get active, and make your body feel good!

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