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This week we talk with Tony Scornavacco! When Tony was 16 years old, he decided to make a change, and in a short time, he lost 85 lbs and transformed his life! Click HERE to start listening!

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Healthy Recipe Tip: Kale Chips, courtesy of Lara Field

Like I’ve mentioned before, I still get the “how did you do it” question quite often. One of the things that I did that I think really helped with my success was an intentional mental shift in the way I regarded working out.

That was a long complicated sentence to just say “I changed how I looked at working out.”

I started thinking about what I needed to stay motivated about working out. How do I turn one workout into two, two into three, and so on? For me, I decided to treat “working out” like “going to work”.

When my alarm goes off in the morning, I don’t think, “I don’t feel like going to work today…I think I’ll just stay home.”  I get up, get dressed, and go to work. I do it for two reasons. First, I enjoy my job. I have a great job and I work with great people. Second, and most important, it’s how I take care of my family. My job puts food on the table, clothes on our backs, and a roof over our heads.

Once I put working out at the same level of importance as work, it all seemed to come together. And the truth is, IT’S JUST AS IMPORTANT.

Working out is part of what keeps me healthy so that I can provide for my family, be a father for my son, and be a husband for my wife. When it’s time to work out, I go. I use my normal work ethic as my litmus test. If I’m so exhausted that I need to stay home from work, then I can skip working out. Conversely, if I’m not sick enough to call into work and take a PTO day, then I don’t need to take a PTO day from working out. (This could be a problem for you if your personal work ethic stinks…sorry…that’s a blog for a different day.)

It’s usually easy for us to see the consequences for not working. We get fired. We don’t have money. The consequences are usually fairly immediate. But when we don’t work out…well, that’s a different story. The consequences are often delayed. We blow off a trip to the gym and nothing really seems to happen.

“But Aaron”, you say, “I don’t want working out to be like a work.  It’d feel like I have a second job! If I wanted a part-time job I’d deliver pizza.”

I understand that. But it’s been said that if you have a job you like you never have to work a day in your life. That’s my final advice to you. Find something you like, or even better, love to do for your work outs, and you won’t mind going to work!

This week, Aaron and Don talk to Shawn Kibel, the “other half” of Element Opie Productions. The topic? MOTIVATION! Click HERE to start listening!

Healthy Recipe Tip: Garlicky Baked Butternut Squash

This is a surprisingly good AND simple dish. If you like garlic (at all), you’ll love this one!

Thinking of joining a gym? Should you? If so, how do you pick the right one? What should you look out for? What are the “red flags”? Click HERE to start listening!

Daily Finance: Compare and contrast the best gym membership for your money!

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Healthy Recipe Tip: Pesto Shrimp Farfalle courtesy of Weight Watchers!

What’s a “running nerd?” Ever wonder why some people love to run and others hate it? Can’t seem to get your “running mojo” going? We chat with Tes Sobomehin, founder of RunningNerds to find out how to get over the hump. Click HERE to start listening!

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Need some motivation? How about ZOMBIES! Check out this smart phone app highlighted by Zombies, Run!

(The Android app that is currently in the market is not the same app as in the article.)

Healthy Recipe Tip:  Check it out!  Recommended by Tes!
Bragg Organic Sprinkle Seasoning

(Purchasing via this link will give a small portion of the price to Element Opie Productions…at no additional cost to you!)

Tonight it’s 56 degrees and drizzling raining. I had a little discussion with myself on the way home from work, and I decided that instead of using it for an EXCUSE, I would use it for MOTIVATION! I made it into a challenge. Stay home because “it’s raining”? How wimpy is that! 

So I put a fresh podcast on my MP3 player, threw on my Road ID, Tough Mudder headband, headlamp, gloves, and Legion of Superheroes t-shirt, and headed out the door to put in a few miles.

I didn’t run a marathon tonight. I didn’t even run a half marathon…just 2.5 miles…but I felt like I had climbed a mountain!

This week the guys chat with Steve Kamb, founder and architect of the Nerd Rebellion occurring over at Don’t know what that is? Check out the podcast. Click HERE to start listening! Make sure to check back next week and hear the second part of our interview with Steve.

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Eat Less/Exercise More: We’re closing out this feature with the end of 2011, so, for perpetuity, your Eat Less/Exercise More tip is…drumroll…listen to this podcast each week! Starting next week, we’ll have a new type of tip…or we won’t. You’ll have to tune in to find out!

This week the guys discuss the Top 10 Reasons (Excuses) that people have for NOT eating right or exercising. Maybe your favorite reason made the list! Click HERE to start listening!

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Eat Less/Exercise More:
Overall we’re really just shooting for a calorie deficit, right?. So, what’s easier? To pass on the 500 calorie larger order of McDonald’s fries, or for a 200 lbs. man to run for 35 minutes at a 10 minute mile pace?

Our example person above, to have a 3,500 calorie deficit in a particular week by exercise ALONE, would have to run for almost 4 hours! Studies have shown that diet modification is easiest for most people, but the BEST answers is a combination. So eat less AND exercise more.

This week, the guys speak with Certified Master Personal Trainer Jason Carver of Dream Body, Inc.. He’s also one of the driving forces behind the Active Atlanta Campaign, a non-profit organization comprised of a group of young health professionals who want to make a change in the health of millions of Atlanta residences.

Even if you DON’T live in the Atlanta area, there’s still something in this episode for you, so give it a listen! Click HERE to get going!

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Eat less:
We tend to make the worst choices when we aren

This week the guys discuss staying motivated: how to do it, what to do when something’s stolen your “mojo”, and more! Need a little pick me up? This might just be the prescription. Click HERE to get going!

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Exercise more:
Take a break…but be intentional with it.