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This week, the guys are joined by Roger Wright for a recap of Aaron’s (and Roger’s) marathon experience at the Georgia Publix Marathon. Click HERE to start listening!

Roger’s Inspirational Journey

Georgia Publix Marathon Route

So to everyone that donated to the American Cancer Society and supported me through my training, today was the day.

I’ve been having IT band issues since about week 10 of my training plan. I had tried to train around it/through it and still get ready. I had toyed with the idea of only doing the half marathon, but decided that if I was pain free on race day, I would attempt the full.

The first 10 miles were great! No pain and feeling good. On mile 11, my left IT band decided to rebel. For the next 2 miles I struggled, but I was in a lot of pain. At mile 13 or so, I decided I just stop before I hurt myself. However the Sag Wagon was still a bit behind me, so my only options were to sit on the sideline or keep walking. I kept walking, and the Back of the Pack (the last official runners – these guys keep the minimum pace) eventually caught up to me.

They were alternating running and walking, but I couldn’t walk fast enough to keep up with them when they ran, so I had to either get in the Wagon or get on the sidewalk. I got on the sidewalk and pulled out my map. Before the race I had a suspicion that my IT band wouldn’t make it, so I brought a map so I could walk it out.

Then I ran into another problem. The map wasn’t very detailed and I was actually concerned about getting lost. There also wouldn’t be any water along the route.

I decided I would try to push on. I had rested for a couple of miles, so my IT band felt a bit better. The Back of the Pack was about 50 yards ahead of me, so I tentatively took off running and I was able to catch up with them. My IT band wasn’t hurting TOO bad, and they were doing a 30 second walk/30 second run so I was able to hang with them.

After 5 more miles (between mile 20 – 21), my IT band finally said, “ENOUGH!”, and I couldn’t run any more. At that time I decided if I wanted to live to run another day, I should pull the plug, so I got in the Sag Wagon. Long story short: I didn’t finish. But I managed to do a half marathon AND a 10K…and that’s the way I’m going to look at it.

My new friend Roger Wright came down from Boston to run the race with me and turned in a great time. He’s the one that inspired me to run the race in the first place. It was nice to meet him and his wife, and I just wanted to thank him for coming to Atlanta!

Thanks again to everyone that has been so encouraging. If I didn’t tag you in this poston Facebook, that’s just because I’m a wee bit tired. 🙂

Till the next one!

This week, the guys discuss 20 “super foods”, Alton Brown, and super-concentrated ultra coffee.  They really do! Click HERE to start listening!

Funranium Labs

Well folks, I guess this is as official as it gets:

Marathon Confirmation

In just over 10 days, I’ll be running my first marathon! It’s still a little surreal, but this email I received made it a bit more real.

Roger Wright will be running it with me.  Actually, he’ll be running it in front of me since he’s quite a bit faster than I am. I’m under no illusions that this will be “fun”. I think it might be life-changing. It will definitely be a milestone that I personally never thought I would never put in the done column.

If you’re of the praying sort, I would appreciate your prayers on that morning. (It’s Sunday, March 17th, just to be clear.)  The race starts at 7:00 AM. I’m a slow runner at the best of times, but after 20+ miles, I’ll most likely going REALLY slow. I hope to finish in under 6 hours, but it may take closer to 7. It all depends on how my knee holds out…which is specifically where I could use those prayers.

Anyway…the date is approaching. I’m sure we devote a podcast to it afterwards so you can hear all about the blisters, aches, pains, and triumphs!

Week 6 of my 16 week training cycle is in the record books. It ended with my first double-digit run of 11 miles. Unfortunately, it also ended with a twinge in my left knee.

At about mile 6 I felt a catch just below south of my kneecap.  “Runner’s knee” they call it. I pulled up short and hopped a couple of times. Ow! Not fun. I walked for a bit and tried it again. It felt okay. I was good!

knee strap

About another mile into it, BAM! It hit me again. After about another mile I was able to 

figure out that as long as I didn’t over-stride I was okay. After that I was able to plod along okay. I finished strong and felt good at the end.

Today, my wonderful wife picked up a knee strap for me. I had actually worn one of these when I first started running because this same knee had bothered me. As I lost weight and got stronger, my knee pain had completely disappeared.

I first noticed it again last week on my 9 mile run. I really think the pain is being caused by the increased total weekly mileage as well as the long runs.

But hey! If a little knee strap solves the problem (which I hope it will), then I’m good to go! I’ve taken it easy for a couple of days. I’ll be out there tomorrow night, and then it’s 12 miles on Saturday.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Well, 2012 is one for the books. Here the final take on what’s going on at “1 Meal – 1 Workout”. Click HERE to start listening!

In this week’s discussion:

The guys recap their goals for 2012 in a quick show and Aaron gives us a peak into his marathon training routine, before heading out for a 4-mile run! Click HERE to start listening!

Publix Georgia MarathonRecently we had a guest on the 1 Meal – 1 Workout podcast named Roger Wright. You can click HERE to listen to his inspiring story. In a nutshell, he was 47 years old, 275 or so pounds, and decided that it was time to make a change. Ten months later, he weighed about 165 lbs, and ran the Boston Marathon in under 5 hours.

Roger told us that after he’d run his marathon, his friends and family, inspired by the changes he had made, started calling and requesting that he run marathons with THEM! In less than three years, he’s run 15 marathons. This led me to ask the question, “Have you ever run the Georgia Marathon?”

His response was that he hadn’t, but that if I would do it, he would travel from Massachusetts and run it with me. So I said, “I’m in!’

That night, I registered for the Publix Georgia Marathon, which will take place on March 17th. I had said previously that I would never run a marathon. That it “just wasn’t something I was interested in”. Roger changed my mind.

Long story short(ish)…I’m registered, and I’m running.  Who’s with me?  You can join the “1 Meal – 1 Workout” team. Right now, we’re #1 on the list!

Here’s where you can register:

Also, if you don’t want to run with me, but want to partner with me, there’s a way to do it! Read HERE about how you can sponsor my run and help me raise money for the American Cancer Society!