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Tag: planning ahead

We’re just about 2 weeks into the new year…have you got your 2012 goals lined out? Forget resolutions. Set GOALS!

If you’re interested, you can check out our entire podcast we devoted to this subject a couple of weeks back.

I set my own goals for 2012, and for your enjoyment, here they are:

  1. Do 1 chin-up. This is a carry-over from LAST year that I failed to accomplish.
  2. Do 25 GOOD pushups.
  3. Reach my final goal weight.
  4. Quit diet drinks.
  5. Finish paying off ALL of our unsecured debt.

So I had my goals. Now I needed a plan, and that’s what I finalized tonight.

I set monthly dates to ween myself off of diet drinks (#4) in stages. I firmed up my exercise plan. I figured out what days I was going to continue to run (#3), and what days I would be doing upper body stuff (#1 & #2). My debt payments (#5) were already set up. 

I printed out my plan, including target dates, and taped it to my bathroom door with a pencil close at hand. Nothing left to do now…but DO IT!

What’s your goals for this year? Now…what’s your plan to reach them?

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Eat Less/Exercise More: We’re closing out this feature with the end of 2011, so, for perpetuity, your Eat Less/Exercise More tip is…drumroll…listen to this podcast each week! Starting next week, we’ll have a new type of tip…or we won’t. You’ll have to tune in to find out!

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Eat Less/Exercise More: Shop smart! Don’t by junk. Just by making a list and sticking to it, you can stock your pantry with healthy choices! You can’t grab a fistful of Oreos if there aren’t any in the pantry.

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Eat Less/Exercise More: Re-evaluate your diet and exercise plan. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve done a food diary. Do you have any weak spots that you might be able to “fix” with small changes? Is there a particular day in your workout routine where you always seem to have a conflict? Maybe you need to shift it around…