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This week we talk with fellow blogger and podcaster Heather Robertson, who has literally lost HALF of herself in her journey to fitness. Click HERE to start listening!

Heather’s website and podcast:

Recipe/Cooking Tip: Caramelizing Vegetables - Brought to you by Elizabeth Knecht of the!

A couple of months back we held a contest on our 1 Meal – 1Workout podcast. I won’t bore you with the details of the contest, but let’s just say it involved email and a bad Italian accent. However, the contest did have a prize!

Our contest winner, Evelyn, was nice enough to snap us a picture of her in her new 1 Meal – 1 Workout t-shirt and send it to me.

I think it looks great on her! Thanks, Evelyn, for participating in our little contest. Hope you enjoy the shirt!

Our contest winner!

This week the guys are joined by recent gastric bypass patient John Campbell. John is also a nurse practitioner by profession and an all around cool guy. He’s only a couple of months post-surgery, and candidly shares his experiences. Just click HERE to start listening!

In the news:

NY Times: Midlife Weight Loss Cuts Heart Risk

Eat less/exercise more tip: “Get your mind right.” – John Campbell

So…Joshua Perkins and I participated in the Virginia Tough Mudder on October 22nd. It was quite the adventure. You can hear all the details, including an obstacle-by-obstacle breakdown of the course, on this week’s podcast. Hear about the hills, walls, hills, water, and hills that we faced…in front of a LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE! Just click HERE to start listening!

If you’re interested, you can watch the Tough Mudder Virginia 2011 Official Video!! If you pause it at :26 seconds, you can see Joshua and I in the background. Joshua’s the tall one…and I’m the one with gray hair!

In the news:
Washington Post: 3 years after deadline, FDA still hasn’t defined “gluten free”