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When I tell people I’m allergic to poultry, they almost always respond with a series of question.
The first question is the title. “You’re allergic to poultry?”
The answer?
I am, in fact, allergic to poultry. That’s why they call it fowl! (Get it? Fowl/foul…it’s a pun…or I guess a homonym, actually.) It’s a pretty rare allergy. I’ve actually never met another person with this same allergy.

The second question is, “What happens when you eat it”? Imagine hives in your throat. It also makes me feel like I have the flu. If I touch poultry then touch my eyes, the swell, water, and itch.

The third question I always get is, “Are you allergic to eggs, too?” No. No, I’m not.

The last question is always, “Are you allergic to ALL poultry?” To which I answer, “I don’t know, I quit trying different birds after the 3rd one made me sick.”

I’ve course I don’t order any chicken dishes, or things made with chicken (or turkey, etc.). The trickiest thing is chicken broth. It’s in everything. Soups (just about all of them unless they say vegetarian), fried rice, beans, red sauce, and the list goes on.

Tonight we picked up some BBQ on the way home and I got caught by one of the more subtle traps. Based on my reaction, my guess is that they smoked chicken or turkey BELOW the rib tips that I had. The smoke contained just enough atomized fowl (foul) to make my mouth itch, my eyes itch,and me to feel just a bit out of sorts.

What does this have to do with getting healthy? With exercise? Weight loss?

Nothing. Just thought I’d share.

I said from the beginning that I was going to be as transparent as possible during this journey. That being said…

The week between Christmas and New Year’s I was pretty loosey-goosey on my eating.  And, yes, loosey-goosey is a real word. Then last week, the week AFTER New Year’s I was on vacation, and I made a conscious decision to eat poorly.

I didn’t eat bad just to eat bad, but instead, I just ate the way I used to eat all the time. BAD.

It was partly an experiment, but mostly just a bad idea.

Since May I’ve hovered right around 240 lbs, give or take 5 pounds. I’ve been as low as 233, but never more than 245. On Christmas Eve I weighed-in, and I had crept up to 247 lbs. So when I stepped onto the scales on the 8th of January, I was hoping that I hadn’t gone too far north of 250 during my “experiment’. I was weighing in the evening, so I thought the results might not be good anyway. On top of everything, I had just ridden 16 hours in a car, and was feeling a little “bloated”, to say the least. I stepped on the scales, and…

270.0 lbs.

That’s right, 270 lbs. Two hundred and seventy pounds. Two. Hundred. Seventy. Pounds. I hadn’t weight that much since LAST February, almost a year ago.


I was 37 lbs over my lowest weight, and I had “gained” 16 lbs in two weeks. Of course, I knew that an evening weigh-in and morning weigh-in was not really apples to apples. I hoped that the morning might bring better results. I really didn’t expect a miracle…and I didn’t get one.

263.3 lbs. 

On a positive note, I had “lost” 6.7 lbs overnight. On a negative note, I still weighed 263.3 lbs.

That morning, I got back to my original “1 Meal – 1 Workout” plan. This morning I was curious, so even though I would normally only weigh once a week, I jumped on the scales again.

259.0 lbs.

Over four pounds in one day, and eleven pounds down since Sunday evening. Obviously, some of that must have been water weight.  I’m still up 12 lbs in two weeks. Not good. But at least I’m heading in the right direction. To be honest, it scared me just a bit.

Here’s what I learned:

  1. I still have one of the most efficient metabolisms on the planet. I’m better at converting food into fat than just about anyone I know.
  2. The grass is not greener! Eating bad is not the promised land. I don’t miss it.
  3. If you sit in a car for 38 hours and eat lots of bad food, you will gain weight.
  4. I’m ready to “finish” my journey. My tentative goal is 220 lbs. I plan on hitting it in 6 months.

This week the guys discuss Snake Oil and Pixie Dust…also known as weight loss pills and diet supplements.  Are they safe? Are they effective? Also meet Kelly Duncan, our newest “test pilot”, and be encouraged in your own journey! Click HERE to start listening!

In the news:
NY Times: How Exercise Benefits the Brain

Eat Less: Take your time! Your stomach takes up to 15 minutes to send signals to your brain that it is hungry, full, etc.

Exercise More: Set yourself up for success. Going running? Swimming? Biking? Get your gear together the night before. Clear your schedule. Do exercise you enjoy. Plan a meal that you won’t dread making/eating afterwards. Make things easy on yourself in any way you can.