I love pickles…I really do. If you love pickles, then you’re in luck. Pickles, to me, are one of the best snacks out there. Why? Let me tell you.

  • Super low calorie – the average kosher dill has between 5 and 10 calories.
  • Lots of flavor – When you eat a pickle, you know it.
  • Crunchy – A pickle gives you something to CHEW! Yogurt tastes great and it’s good for you, but you can’t really chew it.
  • Handy – You don’t have to spread it on a cracker, cook it, heat it, or doing anything but fish it out of the jar.

However, you can’t just go hog wild and eat 10 pickles a day. I mean…you can, but you shouldn’t. Pickles are also fairly acidic. Pickles are also very high in sodium. Very high. If you already eat a high sodium diet, be careful about adding a bunch of pickles to it. That being said, if you sweat a lot when you exercise, like I do, then some extra sodium is not necessarily a bad thing. I usually grab a pickle after I work out.

What’s your favorite low-cal snack?