Tonight, because my son got a free coupon from school, we went to Stevi B’s Pizza.  In case you don’t have Stevi B’s in your area, it’s a mid-grade pizza buffet.  Similar to a Cici’s…maybe slightly better.

Typically (even recently) when we go there, I just go crazy.  I mean crazy! The pieces are thin crust, a little on the smallish size, so I can eat a lot of them.  Here’s the slice-by-slice breakdown:

Trip 1:
Pepperoni and hamburger pizza (x2)
Loaded baked potato pizza
Macaroni and cheese pizza
Pepperoni pizza

Trip 2:
Loaded baked potato pizza
Hawaiian pizza (x2)
Veggie pizza (x2)
Pepperoni pizza

Trip 3:
Loaded baked potato pizza
Supreme pizza (x2)
Cinnamon roll (x3)

Trip 4:
Cinnamon roll (x2)
Green olives (from the salad bar)

Are you seeing the problem at this point?  The tally for this ridiculousness is about 2,700 calories…not counting the olives.  Crazy right!

So, tonight, I went in with a plan and with purpose.  I started off with a nice salad (lettuce, carrots, cucumber, green pepper, banana pepper, green olives, and a touch of Italian dressing).  I followed this up with one piece of pepperoni pizza, one piece of hawaiian pizza, and one piece of spinach alfredo pizza.  This meal came in around 750 calories.

I left feeling victorious!  And full, for that matter.

Side note:  I’ve added a page to my website with links to various fast food joints for easy reference.  Enjoy…and educate yourself!