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For the first time EVER, Mark, Don and Aaron were in the same room at the same time…and just like that, podcast history was made! The guys discuss where they are in their own fitness journeys, the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion, Don’s new shoes, and more! Click HERE to start listening!

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This weekend, for the first time ever, Don, Mark, and I were all in the same room…the entire “1 Meal – 1 Workout” family. Sunday morning, Don and I went for a short run. He in his new Vibrams, and me in my Brooks PureCadence.

I’m endeavoring to run “more naturally” myself. My aforementioned Brooks shoes are one change I’ve made. Additionally, I’m working to have a natural stride. I’ve read, and found to be personally true, that if a person pulls off their shoes and start running, they will tend to move from a heel-strike to a mid-foot or fore-foot strike.

Here’s a couple of articles that I’ve referenced in the past, just in case you’re interested:

Born to Run Barefoot

More Evidence Supports Barefoot Running

So for the past few weeks, when I get to the last quarter-mile of my run, I’ll pull off my shoes and run home barefoot.  No, I’m not joking.  And yes, I look silly doing it.

But today, I was running with Don, and whether or not it was intentional, we ended up in something of a race as we neared my driveway. Here is what I learned from that race.

Running barefoot (socks really) is great and helps my stride.

RACING barefoot (still in socks)….hurts.

My competitiveness kicked in and I started pounding the pavement quite hard. Now, the balls of my feet ache badly on the outside edge. Hopefully by tomorrow evening I’ll be recovered for my Monday run.

I’m not discouraged…just a bit more wise.