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Tag: Weight Watchers

This week, Mark and Aaron visit with Julie Mead. Julie has lost over 300 lbs. Yes, you read that correctly: 300 lbs! Hear her inspiring story. Click HERE to start listening!

Julie’s Blog: Julie Is Going, Going, Gone!

This week we talk with fellow blogger and podcaster Heather Robertson, who has literally lost HALF of herself in her journey to fitness. Click HERE to start listening!

Heather’s website and podcast:

Recipe/Cooking Tip: Caramelizing Vegetables - Brought to you by Elizabeth Knecht of the!

Did you know that “it sucks to be fat”? We talk to Jennifer Swafford of the “It Sux to Be Fat” blog, learn about her weight loss journey, her blog, and life! She recently won “Best Weight Loss Blog” from Fitness Magazine!  Click HERE to start listening!

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Healthy Recipe Tip: Berry-licious Cobbler

Thanks to Jennifer for the great recipe!

This episode the guys talk with Aaron’s good friend Gretchen Agans. Hear about her success with Weight Watchers, and the new Facebook group she’s started called “Fit and Fabulous“. Click HERE to start listening!

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Healthy Recipe Tip: Super Spinach Smoothie Spinach smoothie? Sounds gross, right? NOT AT ALL! You have to try this! (And if you leave out the peanut butter and protein powder, it’s not even 1 WW point!)

This week the guys discuss the Top 10 Reasons (Excuses) that people have for NOT eating right or exercising. Maybe your favorite reason made the list! Click HERE to start listening!

In the news:
CNN: Study shows the Weight Watchers more effective than physician supervision

Eat Less/Exercise More:
Overall we’re really just shooting for a calorie deficit, right?. So, what’s easier? To pass on the 500 calorie larger order of McDonald’s fries, or for a 200 lbs. man to run for 35 minutes at a 10 minute mile pace?

Our example person above, to have a 3,500 calorie deficit in a particular week by exercise ALONE, would have to run for almost 4 hours! Studies have shown that diet modification is easiest for most people, but the BEST answers is a combination. So eat less AND exercise more.