In just about two months, my friend Joshua and I will be heading north to participate in the Virginia Tough Mudder. If you don’t know what the Tough Mudder is, go HERE, to Joshua’s blog and read about A) the Tough Mudder, and B) his prep for it.

Now that I’ve been on my weight-loss journey for about 14 months or so, after 135+ lbs of weight loss, I’m approaching my predicted plateau. If you want to hear my thoughts about all things plateau related, you can LISTEN to our podcast on that topic. For those of you that have already heard that podcast, I won’t rehash it here.

That being said, I’m setting an ambitious goal for myself. My goal is to lose 20 lbs more in the next two months.  In addition to ramping up my strength training, I think losing that last 20 lbs will put me where I need to be in order to be successful at the Tough Mudder.

So, there it is…I’ve put it out there for the world to read, should they choose to do so. Cheer me on…or better yet…join me!