I’ve had that conversation with my wife I don’t know how many times. It’s also the most popular topic of conversation after church every Sunday.

Lot’s of diet programs make it tough to eat out; there are real restrictions on what you can eat. My approach is a little more open ended. I don’t really count calories, but I try to be “calorie aware”. I’ve tried to educate myself on what foods are calorie dense, what foods are nutritious, and what things I should typically avoid.

If you’re one of those people that do okay on a diet plan until you dine out, allow me to make a suggestion. Pick where you’re going to go ahead of time (if you can), and do a little investigating. Lots of restaurants have their entire menu with nutritional information available online. I’m not above grabbing my Droid and looking it up on the way to the restaurant.

Sounds too simple, right? A little strategic planning ahead of time can make a huge difference in what happens when you sit down to dine. Most people eat at the same places over and over. It doesn’t take much research to find some healthy things at pretty much any restaurant.

Try it…you might be surprised.